Alejandro E. Ramirez, MD

As the birthplace of his youngest daughter and both of their grandsons, he and his wife Vicky have many professional and personal memories at St. Joe’s.

Appreciative of how much the hospital means to the community, Alex is eager to promote that sense of community and influence the greatest number of people to do good.

What motivates your desire to give back?
I’m constantly inspired by the caregivers I work with each day. They’re all so committed to the hospital and what we stand for. Seeing them in action gives confidence in what we do for humanity – there is a specific culture of kindness here.

Why are you supporting the medical center?
If my teammate in another department doesn’t have the best of everything, we’re not as strong as we could be. I give to areas with the highest need to build the strongest team possible.

Why did you agree to join the foundation board?
Over the years I have seen firsthand the important work the Foundation has done for our hospital.

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