Dr. Warren “Dave” Johnston

He is also Director of St. Joseph Women’s Heart Center, Physician Site Director of St. Joseph Heritage Cardiology Division, Chairman of the St. Jude St. Joseph Heritage Cardiology Department, Medical Director of Orange County/High Desert Providence Heart Institute and Co-Director of the Southern California Providence Heart Institute.

He and his wife have three daughters, two of whom have been nurses at St. Joe’s.

What motivates your desire to give back?
I was an only child. My father left us when I was 5. A lot of people have given to me along the way and I wouldn’t have made it without them, so I feel it’s important to give back now.

Why are you supporting the medical center?
St. Joseph’s has a vibe unlike any other hospital. People really care and everyone matters here – from the people who change sheets to the doctors and nurses.

Why did you agree to join the foundation board?
My goal is to expand the board to patients and community members who have benefited from our presence and motivate them to continue to contribute and improve the hospital.

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