George McDaniel

George McDaniel

He was a Regional Manager for Engineering and Construction in the Telecommunication industry and was the founder and principle of Lighthouse Financial Services, Inc.

George has been married for 55 years to Sarah, his high school sweetheart. They have two children and five grandchildren.

What motivates your desire to give back?
Giving back to your community, in professional ways and philanthropic ways, is always a good choice and you want to support your local neighbors.

Why are you supporting the medical center?
Having the best health care close to home is important for everyone’s family no matter the point in your life.

Why did you agree to join the foundation board?
I want to have the very best medical organization in our neighborhood and I feel we have that. This was the result of a great deal of effort and commitment by generous people in the past. I want to be a part of helping provide the same type of advance to the next generation.

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