Susan Shaw

Susan Shaw

She has served as President of Damas de Caridad, a philanthropic group that supported various local organizations, such as St. Jude, and charities in the Fullerton and Orange County area. The group was active for over 50 years. Both Susan and her husband have been treated at St. Jude and continue to use its services.

What motivates your desire to give back?
The leaders and the commitment of every person involved within the foundation motivate me. I’m proud to know we seek to provide excellent care, equipment and physicians for our community.

Why are you supporting the medical center?
I enjoy working within our community and asking and educating people to keep this momentum going through fundraising and personal giving.

Why did you agree to join the foundation board?
I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be an advocate of motivating the gifted to give. I also enjoy having the association in my life and the fine leadership to ensure medical care for all.

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