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The role our ministry foundation boards play is one that no one else in our Providence ecosystem can. Health care philanthropy is local, and you are the experts on the needs of your communities. Unpaid yet deeply committed, you lend your credentials to your ministry. You put a face and often a generational story to what we’re trying to do. Crucially, you extend the trust you’ve earned in your community to your ministry.

While each ministry is unique, the love you bring to your role is universal. If we start there and learn from each other, we’ll get stronger faster. I’m committed to preserving the distinctive character of each ministry. Associate Chief Philanthropy Officer, South Division, Renée Bianco and I are excited about helping every ministry be the best version of itself. To that end, Renée has crisscrossed the state to work shoulder to shoulder with you. With her leadership, we’ll best leverage the acquired wisdom of each board across the organization. 

The relationship with a trusted health care provider is unlike any other. As philanthropic foundations, our job is to build on that. I want to thank and acknowledge our ministry chief philanthropy officers — amazing and dedicated leaders and partners who, working in concert with you, transform trust into action in the form of philanthropy.

Our communities are blessed by your commitment to serve. I’m always here if you want to reach out to me and share a win, a lesson or an opportunity.

Thank you,

Kenya Beckman Signature
Kenya Beckmann
Chief Philanthropy and Health Equity Officer

Board Greetings

I’m pleased to help kick off the launch of the Board Forum. We who serve on ministry boards share a love of community and a drive to give back. This newsletter helps remind us that we are supported by a bigger team, that each of us has a wealth of knowledge, and that we all benefit from sharing ideas.

We are blessed and fortunate to have this wonderful group of board leaders from all over the state of California. Being connected across ministries is invaluable. It’s exciting to pool our knowledge and exponentially increase our cross-ministry sharing and support — Board Forum is our vehicle for that. 

I serve on the Providence St. Mary Medical Center Foundation board because service to others is one of the greatest gifts we can give. I love connecting with like-minded people and discovering how they meet their goals and overcome challenges. Learning from each other helps us broaden our leverage in our own communities. 

I’m deeply moved and inspired by our shared Providence values: Compassion, Dignity, Justice, Excellence and Integrity. I’m honored to serve with you all, who join me in holding these values dear.

Thank you,

Margaret Curran

Chair, Board of Directors
Providence St. Mary Medical Center Foundation

Special thanks to Margaret Curran. Let us know if you would like to share a “Board Greeting” in the upcoming fall issue or if you have any content suggestions by emailing

The collective knowledge and experience across our organization is a tremendous asset. We created the Perspectives column as an exchange of information, ideas and insights among South Division boards. 

While you all face challenges unique to your ministries and communities, you also share common goals and opportunities. This column is a resource for knowledge sharing and connection across ministries. To get us started, we asked seven board chairs from ministries across the state a series of questions.


Left: Marwa Kilani, M.D., board chair
Right: Michelle Koenig Barritt, chief philanthropy officer

Catch the replay of our latest webinar here!

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What Does a High-Performing Fundraising Board Look Like?

This presentation will explain the qualities of a board that is fully engaged in its work. Areas to be covered: the characteristics of a high-performing board, the unique aspects of a high-performing fundraising board, and a healthy board culture.

WEBINAR | Thursday, April 13, 1 - 2 PM

Please join us! Register here for upcoming webinars:

Distinction between Governance and Management

June 22 12:00-1:00 PM PST

Board Recruitment/Diversity​

September 15, 12:00-1:00 PM PST

The Role of Philanthropy in Health Care Sustainability​​

November 8, 12:00-1:00 PM PST

L to R: Peter Distefano, RDCS, RVT, manager of diagnostic imaging; Andrew Royster, philanthropy director; Laura Ramos, chief executive; Pablo Carrera, director of diagnostic imaging; Bradley Jackson, M.D., medical director of radiology.

Across the organization, our Providence ministries are nationally recognized for clinical excellence.

Take a look at the the awards and accolades by ministry.

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